Nordic Chem 2.0 in Action

See The Clean, Feel The Clean

Nordic Chem 2.0 has been specifically designed for all surfaces – exterior & interior.

The coating has been tested on almost every material you can find in commercial premises. The formula has proven to have no adverse effects on even the most sensitive of materials such as silks and cottons.

Nordic Chem 2.0 focuses on increasing a substrate’s aesthetic appeal and has unique restoration properties to ensure any item or material is rejuvenated and looks brand new. 

After the application of Nordic Chem 2.0, your interior will be protected from abrasion, spills, wear and tear while general hygiene is increased to safe levels.

As a result, Cleaning time in the interior of buildings after application has been shown to be reduced by up to 30%.

Hydrophobic + Antimicrobial

The two images to the right illustrate the unique combination that makes Nordic Chem 2.0 a game changer in the surface hygiene space

Picture a substance that repels water and dirt but also kills pathogens that come into contact with the surface.

This creates a self-cleaning coating that works on all surfaces and eliminates cross-contamination, odours and makes cleaning much easier, and faster. 

With Nordic Chem 2.0 seeing is believing and that’s exactly where the product stands firmly above the rest.

Labour Saving Case Studies

Seeing Is beleieving and that is exactly where Nordic Chem stands firmly above the rest

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