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Nordic Chem 2.0 has been specifically designed for all surfaces – exterior & interior.

The coating has been tested on almost every material you can find in commercial premises. The formula has proven to have no adverse effects on even the most sensitive of materials such as silks and cottons.

Nordic Chem 2.0 focuses on increasing a substrate’s aesthetic appeal and has unique restoration properties to ensure any item or material is rejuvenated and looks brand new. 

After the application of Nordic Chem 2.0, your interior will be protected from abrasion, spills, wear and tear while general hygiene is increased to safe levels.

As a result, Cleaning time in the interior of buildings after application has been shown to be reduced by up to 30%.

With Nordic Chem 2.0 seeing is believing and that’s exactly where the product stands firmly above the rest.

Nordic Chem Hydrophobic Coating


Glass can be an especially difficult surface to maintain due to its reflective qualities and is normally installed in hard to reach areas of commercial buildings. Nordic Chem, will fill the nanoscopic pores in glass to ensure a smooth and slick surface that repels dirt, water and grime.

This results in the glass having extreme self-cleaning properties which means less cleaning and maintenance is required.


Textile is the most porous substrate that you will be faced with in a commercial environment. The results on textiles are remarkable, due to the way the product bonds itself to each fibre.

Contaminants will repel from fibres and remain superficially on the surface. This effect allows for quick and easy cleaning due to the prevention of contamination penetrating the full length of the fibre.

Nordic Chem Chewing Gum Removal


Interior wooden substrates such as tables and chairs are high touch point surfaces and carry the most contamination. Ensuring these surfaces stay clean and hygienic is important to the overall health of a building.

Aesthetic appeal is also very important on high-touch surfaces as people view these areas the most. Nordic Chem will restore and enhance the visual appeal and provide a clean smooth surface to the touch which results in increased occupant well-being and confidence.


Tiles are in a similar category to brick in terms of their vulnerabilities.

Tiles however have a smoother finish to the surface and therefore are more susceptible to water marking and discolouring. The antimicrobial protection provided by our coating is especially important in these applications as it prevents mould, limescale and odour.

Seeing Is beleieving and that is exactly where Nordic Chem stands firmly above the rest

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