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Nordic Chem’s unique formulation couples together the self-cleaning effects of a hydrophobic surface that penetrates and seals at a nanoscopic level and an antimicrobial coating to kill & prevent the unsightly organic growth of mould, mildew & lichen.

Nordic Chem has been specifically designed for the exterior surfaces of a commercial building. The coating will withstand environmental impacts such as UV, extreme temperatures, excessive water and heavy contamination.

Its purpose is to protect exterior surfaces from damage and ensure these surfaces are easier to maintain and clean.  

After application, buildings can expect to be mould and fungi-free, restored to their intended colours and sealed from outside contamination.

Using Nordic Chem will also significantly decrease the need for excessive pressure washing and scrapping which damages these substrates and leads to a waste of water and chemicals. 

With Nordic Chem, seeing is believing and that’s exactly where this product stands firmly above the rest.

See the distinct line on the concrete slab in the video to the right and how the water is easily soaked into the untreated side but is repelled on the Nordic Chem coated side.

This repelling property will self-clean when it rains removing surface contamination and keeping your concreted surfaces looking pristine.

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Seeing Is beleieving and that is exactly where Nordic Chem stands firmly above the rest

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