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Nordic Chem Self Cleaning Antimicrobial Surface Coating

A revolutionary “self-cleaning”, antimicrobial coating that saves you time, money and water.

Now available in New Zealand

So what does "Self Cleaning" mean?

Exterior Surfaces

Let Mother Nature wash the outside of your premises!

Every rain shower and downpour will rinse free dust, dirt debris, fingerprints, droppings, etc from your Nordic Chem treated walls, windows, paths, carparks, awnings, handrails, outdoor furniture etc.

Leaving your exterior surfaces sparkling clean and slip-free for many months between applications.

Refer to our application guide for application rates and timeframes depending on the substrate that is coated

Interior Surfaces

Bid farewell to sticky, greasy cleaning chemical residues.

Once Nordic Chem is applied to your tables, chairs, washrooms, mirrors, bars, hard floors & carpets a simple wipe with a wet cloth or mop with everyday tap water (vacuum carpets) will eliminate most debris and spills

Leaving your interior surfaces odour-free, visibly clean and slip-free for many months between applications. You can feel the difference immediately in most cases

Refer to our application guide for application rates and timeframes depending on the substrate that is coated

Commercial Cleaning Impacts Time, Money, People and The Environment

Traditional Cleaning
Nordic Chem

Commercial cleaners have a tough job keeping up A CONSTANT cycle of care-taking. But, what is the cause of this endless cycle?

Contaminants. They are bad for business, bad for a building and bad for people.

The current use of constant disinfecting, cleaning and restoring involves various chemicals, water, electricity and labour, all with the goal of keeping things contaminant-free.

This results in HUGE overheads for facilities.

You can’t avoid it.

NextGen London explains how Nordic Chem is making the cleaning of a London University much easier with great sustainable results! 

Make Any Surface


A complete building solution that is simple and fast to apply. Contaminants are prevented from embedding into substrates while surfaces are brought back to their natural state without the need for endless spray and wipe or the use of harmful chemicals.

Simply put, buildings are taken to a new level of standards unattainable by today’s methods.

Nordic Chem Hydrophobic Coating


Simply spray onto any surface to create an impenetrable barrier against dirt, dust and contaminants.


The coating creates a “Non-Stick” surface, preventing contaminants from accumulating.


The solution not only protects the surface but restores it to its “like-new” finish and keeps it that way.

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Smart Cleaning

Your overhead, reduced.

Less product and more protection means you don’t need the resources or time to maintain the surfaces. You cut back on product, people and time.

Your surfaces last longer

Less cleaning means less damage to the surface and restoring it the right way makes everything look enhanced.

You make the right impact.

The Eco-Friendly solution means you curb your impact on the environment.

Enhances Aesthetic Appeal

See and Feel the Clean

By rejuvenating the substrates original luster and properties, it will make any surface look brand new, clean and with a nice smooth effect to the touch.

Cost Saving Solution

Significant Labour Reduction

Our solution is charged with strong hydrophobic agents which provide self-cleaning properties to any surface. The product has proven to save the commercial cleaners approximately 30% in labour time due to the coating’s anti-stain, contaminants protection and repulsion properties, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and profitability.

Sustainable Solution

Water Based Solution

After the application customers can expect a significant reduction in waste, including chemicals, water and plastics.

The coatings will increase the life cycle of substrates by several years which saves money but also contributes immensely to less waste.

The coating has also been designed to act as a sacrificial layer to any substrate which in turn reduces cleaning time, labour, cleaning products and water which all have an environmental impact.

Trusted and Tested.

Our 2.0 series coating formulations have all been extensively tested in real world environments by leading facility managers and commercial cleaners on hundreds of high net worth assets.

Interior or Exterior

Always Protected

The strong hydrophobic and smooth surface properties provided to the substrate have been designed to facilitate both interior and exterior surfaces. Through our Nordic Chem 2.0 series you can be sure to have a solution to any surface in any environmental conditions.

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